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Paediatrics / Neonates

As part of the Pharmacy team covering paediatric wards at BCUHB, you will be a highly valued member of the multidisciplinary team supporting the community paediatric teams and CAMHS. Aside from this, you also advise on consultant-led ward rounds regarding pharmaceutical care, with the majority of your time spent within secondary care. The BCUHB paediatric pharmacy team works closely together, meeting regularly, with changes and developments in the service being discussed and agreed across the three sites. 

Alongside working closely with colleagues across our tertiary centres and various paeds pharmacists over Wales, you will be regularly involved in developing guidelines to promote the safe and effective use of medicines within paediatrics, and there are huge opportunities for development, such as CPD foundation certificates in paediatric and neonatal pharmacy.

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Whether you’re new to the specialism or already skilled, we have opportunities available for you. Specialising in Dermatology at BCUHB presents a fantastic opportunity to develop into a Clinical Practitioner and manage a caseload of patients, meaning you can contribute to patient care at a meaningful level with individualised care. 

If you’re already skilled at Dermatology, why not put your prescribing qualification to good use? You will be able to develop further clinical skills and expand your remit. As part of the service, Outpatient appointments are conducted both virtually and face to face – providing flexibility for both the patient and practitioner. This ensures patients are seen at the right time, in the right place by the right person, and enables you to work autonomously and manage your own workload.

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What’s more, if you enjoy scanning the horizon for new treatment options, there is plenty to get stuck into in Dermatology! When you join the team, you can become actively involved in the process of approving, prescribing and monitoring highly specialised biological therapies and novel therapeutic agents. Plus, you will have opportunities to support the process of adopting a nationally approved medicine at a regional level, and play a part in the prescribing of approved medicines.

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Endocrine / Renal

As part of the Endocrinology and Renal Pharmacy team at BCUHB you will work in a good collaborative environment as part of a multidisciplinary team,  working across the three acute sites to progress with guidance, protocols and pathways. We liaise as part of an approachable and supportive medical team, putting the patient first and ensuring we are working above and beyond our best capabilities. 

As a forward-thinking clinical team, we’re committed to creating opportunities for you to flourish at BCUHB. We want you to be passionate about up-skilling your knowledge, excelling in patient care and using progressive research to support the management of new Diabetes medications.

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Across BCUHB, the Cancer Pharmacy Team is fully embedded within the clinical team and is an essential member of the cancer multi-disciplinary team. Roles and services provided by pharmacy are rapidly expanding for ATOs, Pharmacy Technicians and Pharmacists. 

We have exciting opportunities available for traditional and innovative roles in Pharmacy, where you will prescribe within ward rounds and clinics, lead on high-tech healthcare for cancer patients and carry out electronic prescribing of chemotherapy and associated treatments. You will also be supporting the move of treatments closer to home with out-reach services including Acute Oncology and Palliative Care. We offer extensive training and have opportunities for Post Graduate qualifications and attendance to national conferences!

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If you’re driven to provide meaningful contributions to patient care by means of managing Disease Modifying Anti-Rheumatic therapies (both conventional and targeted), or you’re looking to utilise your current prescribing qualification, we have amazing opportunities for you in the Rheumatic Department at BCUHB. 

Pharmacological options for condition management within Rheumatology are evolving at a rapid pace, so re-discover your passion for critical appraisal and literature searching, and get excited to play a part in approving, prescribing and monitoring highly specialised biological therapies and novel therapeutic agents. 

Alongside supporting the process of adopting nationally approved medicines in your region, integrate into the multidisciplinary team where you can share the importance of effective medicine management, convey relevant developments to your team and gain insights from other specialties that are right at your fingertips.

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It's very humbling being a member of a strong and diverse Multi Disciplinary Team (MDT); to be able to contribute to the individualised care to a patient and the development of the clinical service. We all learn from each other, respect each other and have a shared set of values - we put patients first, learn from each other and look for innovative ways to support our population.
- Alaw Jones, Senior Rheumatology Pharmacist - West; Lead Pharmacist Procurement and Homecare services

Pharmacy Technicians Specialist Clinical Opportunity

Pre-registration: training can be undertaken in both primary and secondary care and participants will finish with a level 4 Certificate of Higher Education from HEIW and the university of East Anglia. The course is fully funded at a Band 4 annex U grade.

Post-registration: a variety of options depending on your area of interest including clinical therapeutics, leadership, medicines management, and education. There are three intakes a year of the centrally funded ACPT programme and the Medicines Management programme, and we currently have many of our technicians in primary and secondary care undertaking a funded two year clinical diploma.

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Pharmacy Practitioner

Rotation & Professional Development

We’re passionate about supporting our Pharmacy team to expand their skills and reach their potential as well as actively supporting and encouraging career progression. There’s a wealth of opportunities across our services and a clear vision for our services. So, if you’re keen to develop, there’s plenty of opportunities to pick your career path and step outside of the norm for a Pharmacist.

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