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Group of Pharmacy Practitioners

We are incredibly proud to offer integrated posts across primary and secondary care pharmacy along with rotations in specialist areas such as: aseptics, paediatrics and neonates, cancer services, medicines information, and mental health – helping you to develop your expertise across a number of areas.

In addition, our Clinical Specialist rotations include: respiratory, renal, vascular surgery, general surgery, orthopaedics, and care of the elderly which can be based on or adapted to your individual knowledge, skills and interests.

I’m doing more than I usually would as a Band 5 Technician. It’s great for development. My current projects include working with diabetes nurses and looking at Ortho to see how we can help them with elective patients
- Melanie Owen, Senior Technician for Medicine Management

Areas of rotation offered in the West for Clinical pharmacists

We are delighted to offer opportunities to experience a varied and agile portfolio working environment including unscheduled and scheduled care – acute medicine, cardiovascular, renal, respiratory, paediatrics, cancer, acute trauma including mountain medicine, pre-operative assessment clinics, emergency care, critical care, acute & forensic psychiatry. 

You would be fully supported by experienced medicines management technicians and advanced pharmacist practitioners who are well integrated with the multi-disciplinary teams. We have close links with the School of Medical Health Sciences at Bangor and opportunities for postgraduate development including research.

Areas of rotation offered in the East for Clinical Pharmacists

In addition to medical and surgical rotations, Pharmacists have the opportunity to choose from rotations including: paediatrics, mental health, aseptics, pre-operative admissions clinic, critical care, primary care and HMP Berwyn pharmacy.

Areas of rotation offered in the Central Area for Clinical Pharmacists

In the Central area we are proud to host the North Wales Cancer Treatment Centre, North Wales Cardiac cath lab and the North Wales neonatal intensive care unit. We also offer rotations across these areas.

Areas of rotation offered for Pharmacy Technicians

All pharmacy technicians have the opportunity to undertake duties in the dispensary, at ward level supporting the ward based pharmacy teams, mental health , primary care and within our Production Unit. Full training will be provided in all these areas. 

In addition there are opportunities to work within :

  • Primary care (GP practices) and community hospitals including the vaccination programs
  • Production unit: manufacture of various intravenous products such as chemotherapy, monoclonal antibodies, parental nutrition and antibiotics, environmental monitoring and the manufacture of extemporaneous items within the non sterile production unit, such as mouthwashes and creams.
  • Mental health team both in hospital setting and community mental health teams
  • Medicines information team

We are committed to CPD for all our staff and aim to give the support necessary to ensure your individual needs are met.  The role of the pharmacy technician is very much valued in the department and there will be internal and external training opportunities to enable you to develop within the role.  We are scoping the development of Advanced Pharmacy Technician roles within BCU.

I have completed many different training and development courses whilst working for Betsi Cadwaladr University Health Board. I have recently completed a BTEC level 4 diploma in Clinical Pharmacy Services which has enabled me to undertake medication reviews
- Gareth Hutchinson, Medicines Management Pharmacy Technician
Group of Pharmacy Practitioners

Training and Development

Whether you join BCUHB as a Pharmacy Technician, as a Newly Qualified Pharmacist looking to complete your pre-registration year, or later on in your career – we’re here to ensure you receive the right training and development to achieve your career goals.

All pharmacy staff have the chance to undertake further qualifications.  We maximise our advanced practice budget to provide opportunities for all staff to develop within specialist areas and help to determine the best courses and modules for them.

Pharmacist Technician

Pharmacy Technicians

  • Pre-registration: training can be undertaken in both primary and secondary care and participants will finish with a level 4 Certificate of Higher Education from HEIW and the University of East Anglia.  The course is fully funded at a Band 4 annex U grade.
  • Post-registration: a variety of options depending on area of interest including clinical therapeutics, leadership, medicines management, and education. There are three intakes a year of the centrally funded ACPT programme and the Medicines Management programme, and we currently have many of our technicians in primary and secondary care undertaking a funded two year clinical diploma.


  • Trainee pharmacists in BCUHB undertake a multi-sector training year where they are supported through rotations in community, primary and secondary care to allow them to experience as much of the profession as possible. The training is provided by HEIW and hosted by BCUHB and is a 1 year contract paid at an AFC band 5.
  • In addition to the pre-registration and post registration education and training support (provided by The Pharmacy Deanery of Health Education and Improvement Wales [HEIW]), at BCUHB we have localised and adapted our approach to support staff inline with our ways of working.  You can find out more about the HEIW course and support here: Pharmacy – HEIW (nhs.wales)
  • Post-registration foundation training is focused around reaching the outcomes for the foundation level RPSGB accreditation.  The current training is based on a 2 year contract with training funded either centrally by HEIW or through local channels at a band 6.
  • We are committed to providing the opportunity for all our pharmacists to become independent prescribers, and have multiple intakes throughout the year for the funded programme with one of our local universities.
  • With strong links with universities including Bangor and Glyndwr Universities, we provide opportunities to undertake a funded independent prescribing course and the Advanced Clinical Practice MSc. There’s also opportunities for research and development too!

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All Pharmacy Staff also have access to:

  • Access to the BCUHB Quality improvement hub
  • Support from the BCUHB Primary & Community Care Academy which has been developed to provide support and training to help healthcare professionals who work in primary care.

As part of the future thinking for Pharmacy services within Wales, the “Pharmacy: Delivering a Healthier Wales” report has been created. At BCUHB we are passionate about ensuring education and training is embedded, including creating and delivering multidisciplinary training opportunities. Discover more about the long-term plan here

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I have had many opportunities during my career at BCUHB. Post grad clinical pharmacy diploma, independent prescribing module, and currently enrolled in the advanced practice masters pathway. In addition to this, I have attended many national conferences including the clinical pharmacy Congress, ukcpa Congress and master classes. M&K updates, RPS webinars, pre-operative conference
- Elena Gwyn Jones, Safe Medication Practice / Team Leader

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