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Our Pharmacy team in North Wales is an exciting place to be. We are an integrated health community, the largest health organisation in Wales, providing a full range of primary, community, mental health, acute and elective hospital services for a population of around 700,000, across North Wales.  This allows staff to work / access training in all settings and a truly multi sector role.

We have a wealth of opportunities within our services for both Pharmacists and Pharmacy Technicians across a number of locations. When you join the team at BCUHB, you’ll have the best of both worlds – working at the highest level professionally and living in a beautiful area where you can really enjoy life.

At BCUHB we work in multi-disciplinary teams. There is a clear vision for our services and if you’re keen to develop, there’s plenty of opportunities where you’ll step outside of the norm. From multi-sector working to specialist Clinical Pharmacy roles, you’ll be able to truly shape your career.

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Betsi Pharmacist stationed at Morrisons Pharmacy

Areas of pharmacy

Community Pharmacy

There’s a lot more to Community Pharmacy in North Wales than you might think. Providing valued services to our patients and communities whilst working within Community Pharmacy is incredibly rewarding. With the new Community Pharmacy contract in Wales (A New Prescription) the sector is transforming into a clinical services provider with independent prescribing Pharmacists at its core. This means that you can use your clinical knowledge and skills to help patients in new ways and work as part of an integrated multidisciplinary team. This is further enhanced by the cross sector roles available in North Wales, where you would spend time working in community pharmacy alongside general practices or hospitals.

Pharmacist filing in paperwork

As experts in medicines and how they are used, our Community Pharmacy teams work hard to ensure that patients get the maximum benefit from their medicines. As part of the transformational change, you will have an opportunity to be trained as a pharmacist independent prescriber or accuracy checking pharmacy technician, meaning you can use your knowledge and skills effectively to better support your patients through optimising therapy, treating minor illness, or providing other enhanced services.

Much like the population of North Wales, our Community Pharmacy teams are relaxed, friendly and welcoming. Working as primary care clusters, our pharmacists and pharmacy technicians work together with other primary care providers to deliver the best possible care. We run peer support networks for independent prescribers in community pharmacy and cross-sector working at a range of different levels means you’ll be able to grow, learn and develop your skills.

Whether you’re newly qualified or have years of experience, we could have an opportunity for you!

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The community feel extends through to the health board and pharmacy relationships, which are very collaborative and forward thinking
- Ashwin Patel, Regional Pharmacy Manager
Pharmacist and Practitioner working together

Mental Health Pharmacy Services

Through our Mental Health Pharmacy Service, we’re paving the way for innovation and our vision is to ensure integrated care and working closely with colleagues to ensure patient care is seamless. 

Now is an exciting time to transform our pharmacy services and following significant investment within our Mental Health Pharmacy Services, we’re looking for innovative, dynamic and dedicated Clinical Pharmacists and Pharmacy Technicians to join our expanding team. 

We’re forging the way ahead by expanding our services into the community, supporting patients in their local communities through medicines optimisation, and providing a holistic approach to mental health and physical wellbeing. We are also supporting electronic prescribing and medicines adherence.


Our Pharmacists are respected clinicians and you’ll be supported to develop your role as a non-medical prescriber and to develop relevant clinical skills through the RPS Advanced Pharmacy Framework (underpinned by the College of Mental Health Pharmacy certificate / diploma and credentialing). 

Working within Mental Health Pharmacy, you’ll be an integral part of the multidisciplinary team covering a wide range of specialties and the focus will be on optimising medication for patients including opportunities for direct patient contact. BCUHB is committed to caring for our patients within their own communities and you will work with all our colleagues across primary and secondary care to support patients throughout their journey. 

It’s a highly rewarding role and an exciting and progressive team to be part of!

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The best thing about my current role is being a key part of the MDT and having direct involvement in patient care. I have close links with other healthcare professionals and patients supporting decision making about medicines. The people that work here are fantastic. I have made friends for life and even if you’re having a bad day, the team uplifts your spirit.
- Emma Jones, Mental Health Pharmacist
Pharmacy Technician sitting at desk

Pharmacy Technicians

We are looking for pharmacy technicians with a talent for technology, who would enjoy the experience and challenge of delivering and supporting implementation of new electronic pharmacy systems across BCUHB that will result in a positive impact on workflow and communication across all sectors of pharmacy, further supporting a seamless pharmacy service.

Here at BCUHB we consider the skill mix required and appreciate the contribution pharmacy technicians make, as a result we have developed exciting advanced pharmacy technician roles. We frequently secure opportunities for pharmacy technicians to achieve further qualifications from clinical diplomas to leadership, management, service improvement, and education and training to support them with the development and progression of their careers within pharmacy.

We have exciting opportunities in acute hospitals, community hospitals, prison service and primary care including GP practices and care homes. Your responsibilities will include delivering services such as dispensing medicines, checking the accuracy of prescriptions, pharmacy procurement and manufacturing. Our Pharmacy Technicians work closely with Pharmacist colleagues to ensure safe, accurate management of medicines for our patients, discharging patients from wards and ensuring safe accurate transfer back to primary care.

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Pharmacy Practitioner

Community Pharmacy Technicians

As a Pharmacy Technician in Community Pharmacy there are opportunities both within accuracy checking and also opportunities to offer clinical services including providing support to patients undergoing treatment for substance misuse, supporting patients to stop smoking and providing medication support to care homes.

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Pharmacy Practitioner

Mental Health Pharmacy Technicians

We have fantastic opportunities for Pharmacy Technicians within mental health. Playing a vital part within the Pharmacy mental health team as well as being integrated into other services such as CMHT and home treatment teams, our technicians are an integral part of the multidisciplinary team. Our Pharmacy Technicians are experts in the management and delivery of automation on our acute wards, and this increase in capacity allows us to develop new services and expand in current roles such as clozapine management. Our technicians are also forging new roles in the community, including developing key medicines management roles.

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I get to work with many different healthcare professionals to ensure patients get the best healthcare possible. I love undertaking anticoagulation and asthma reviews as I get to engage with patients to make sure they are getting the best use of their medication, free from adverse harm and effects by working together. It is a real boost when you make a difference to a patient's health.
- Gareth Hutchinson, Medicines Management Pharmacy Technician
Pharmacist and Nurse working together

Specialist Clinical Pharmacy

At BCUHB you’ll have the opportunity to pick your Pharmacy niche and specialty – meaning you can truly shape your career and discover where you will thrive. As a Clinical Pharmacist at BCUHB you’ll play an essential part of the MDT and be encouraged to work autonomously. With opportunities to grow, develop and hone your specialist skills, you’ll receive all the support and guidance you need. We have opportunities across a range of specialties.

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Pharmacy Practitioner

Rotation & Professional Development

We’re passionate about supporting our Pharmacy team to expand their skills and reach their potential as well as actively facilitating and encouraging career progression. There’s a wealth of opportunities across our services and a clear vision for our services. So, if you’re keen to develop, there’s plenty of opportunities to pick your career path and step outside of the norm for a Pharmacist.

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Pensarn Abergele coastline

Why Join BCU?

Many of our staff highlight the local area as a real plus point of working within our Health Board. Offering the perfect work/life balance, North Wales offers both sparsely populated areas, beaches, mountains and excellent transport links to nearby cities meaning that there’s always plenty to explore. North Wales has lots to offer new residents with excellent restaurants with locally sourced foods. There are funded opportunities to learn Welsh if you wish to. From idyllic villages, to high-quality housing at exceptionally affordable prices and unspoiled natural environments just a stone’s throw away – what’s not to love?

We offer relocation expenses for selected posts – just ask!

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