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Learning & Development

CAMHS Practitioners

Learning and Development

Whether you join the BCUHB CAMHS team having just qualified or later on in your career, we’re here to ensure you receive the right training and development to achieve your career goals.

At BCUHB we’re passionate about the professional development of our staff with a commitment to encouraging lifelong learning. As a member of our team you’ll receive excellent professional development support from day one – including our learning and development programme which gives quality investment, support and training to give you the knowledge, skills and confidence to allow you reach your competencies and progress from a band 5 to 6 within a year.

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Training & Development

We recognise the importance of training and development to support confidence, high quality practice, and to enable progression. When you join the team, you’ll have the opportunity to undertake a range of training opportunities, such as:
    • Like the IAPT pathway in England, we have a flexible training programme which is fluid and enables you to develop as expert practitioners and accredited therapists. This means you can make the move to North Wales without compromising on career progression and qualification.
    • Our strong relationship with Universities such as Glyndwr University and Bangor University and links to clinical psychology courses provide opportunities for ongoing learning and development, meaning that when you join BCUHB you can truly shape your career.
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    • These links include our Psychiatry and Psychology departments who are currently working closely with the medical school at Bangor University to develop different modules and allows you the opportunity to get involved in delivering lectures, driving the succession planning of the workforce. We are passionate about generating a workforce which is homegrown, with people who understand North Wales and it’s demographic, geography and population.
    • We also have close links with the Academic Department of Child Psychiatry in Liverpool and the Academic Department of Clinical Psychology at the University College North Wales Bangor meaning there are vast possibilities for undertaking research.
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    • We provide opportunities for research and development time for our staff too!
    • Band 7 Clinical Psychologists have the opportunity to fast track into Band 8A posts following a programme of preceptorship and consolidation.
    • Professional career development pathways in nursing, social work and OT.
    • All staff are supported to do CBT training at L6 or L7 but also given the opportunity to train in other therapeutic approaches as areas of interests and skills.

Enabling you to thrive is important to us and we are also proud to offer rotational posts combined with a strong clinical supervision culture, which provides you with the opportunity to have rounded experience early on in your career.

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The best thing about my current role is the opportunity I have had to develop, I never saw myself as a team lead but was encouraged to trial the role to help me consider how I wanted to develop my career path. I have been supported by my seniors and encouraged by my colleagues. I have been given the opportunity to access further learning in my new leadership role and the support to progress.
- Tanya Cook, Interim Team Lead for Anglesey CAMHS (West)
CAMHS Practitioner

Rotations & Flexible Working

Enabling you to thrive is important to us and we are also proud to offer rotational posts combined with a strong clinical supervision culture which provides you with the opportunity to have rounded experience early on in your career. 

We provide flexibility on where you are based for your training meaning you can gain experience of each area of Wales as well as our various sub-specialties, and find your long term fit. 

At BCUHB we’re always looking for ways to develop, meaning you will be supported to get out of your comfort zone, share skills, and follow your interests whether this means exploring a new place to work or developing a new service, you’ll never stagnate.

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CAMHS Practitioners

Psychiatrist Posts

Whether you are at the start of your journey to becoming a Consultant Psychiatrist or are well established in your field there is always room for you to grow at BCUHB. We have a close group of consultants who are always there to support or share knowledge, and there is always someone to turn to if you’re stuck with something, or want to bounce ideas off someone. 

As an integrated service, you will be collaborating and working closely with our numerous sub-specialties in each area including neurodevelopment, ED, pharmacology, psychotherapies, youth justice, early intervention, early years. Share skills, work across disciplines and agencies, and experience multi-disciplinary working at its finest.

With BCUHB being the largest Health Board in Wales, it means you will never be isolated and extra support is always at hand. But we’re not so big that you’ll feel overwhelmed & you can have your say in what work you want to be involved in. You have the same opportunities as bigger cities – you are still gaining educationally and don’t miss out on anything in training.

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Development Posts

Following substantial investment in services for children, young people, and families, we are embarking on an exciting transformation programme in North Wales CAMHS. In addition to expanding and enhancing the services we offer, we can also provide a range of opportunities for clinicians who are interested in joining our child and adolescent mental health workforce or developing an existing career within the speciality through a range of learning and development opportunities.

This includes creating more diverse roles which are open to individuals from a range of professional backgrounds. Some of the roles include:

  • Band 6 CAMHS Practitioner Development Posts – open to newly qualified nurses, social workers or occupational therapists, or more experienced professionals keen to work in CAMHS but without the confidence or the experience to transfer to a Band 6 level post.

To help you enhance existing knowledge and skills and develop the competencies required to work in this rewarding clinical field, you will be offered a customised programme.

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I have always wanted to be a child and adolescent psychiatrist, and it feels wonderful to be in my final year of training now after such a long time. I have been fortunate enough to be able to complete my final three years of higher specialist training in North Wales, which I cannot recommend enough. Each area, East, Central and West have been incredibly welcoming to me and grateful for what I have to offer, whilst also providing me with a wealth of learning opportunities.
- Dr Olwen Payne, ST6 Registrar in CAMHS Psychiatry
CAMHS Practitioner

Innovation & Research

Our mental health services have led the way with innovation dating back to the 1990’s. We’re passionate about being on the cutting edge of mental health support and are always looking for ways to improve. If you’re keen to lead on the creation of forward thinking, flagship services, and develop nationally recognised systems and ways of working then BCUHB could be the place for you. 

There are plenty of opportunities to link in with leading research institutes both in Wrexham and Bangor University, as well as South Wales. This is particularly helpful as a psychiatry trainee, with professors available to help guide and motivate new research. BCUHB is associated with the Centre for Mental Health and Society (CFMHAS). CFMHAS are partners in the National Centre for Mental Health, with Cardiff and Swansea.

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Why Join BCU?

Many of our staff highlight the local area as a real plus point of working within our Health Board. Offering the perfect work/life balance, North Wales offers both sparsely populated areas and excellent transport links to nearby cities meaning that there’s always plenty to explore. North Wales has lots to offer new residents. From idyllic villages, to high-quality housing at exceptionally affordable prices and unspoiled natural environments just a stone’s throw away – what’s not to love?

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